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National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Having a Pet First Aid Kit is important any time you and your pet may be away from immediate help.  In the event that you and your pet may have an unexpected pet emergency event, a do-it-yourself pet first aid kit may be a life saving tool.


Your kit should contain:

 Absorbent Gauze Pads

Adhesive Tape

Cotton Balls and Swabs

Fresh 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting (always check with your veterinarian or poison control prior to giving to your pet)


Over the Counter Antibiotic Ointment

Oral Syringe or Turkey Baster

Liquid Dishwashing liquid for bathing


Small Flashlight

Styptic Powder

Alcohol Wipes

Saline Eye Solution

Artificial Tear Gel

Phone Number, Clinic Name, Address of Your Veterinarian as well as Local Veterinary Emergency Clinics


Check you kit every few months to make sure of any expired items that need to be replaced and keep this kit out of reach of children