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Things Your Pet Should NOT Do in The Car

We all know how much our pets love to ride in the car.  At our house we must spell “car ride” because Maddie knows what car ride means!  I’m sure it is just a matter of time before she figures out the spelling too!  As we approach summer it might be a good idea to think about some things that we shouldn’t allow our pets to do when riding in the car.

 Remain in The Car Unattended

Don’t leave your pet in the car.  Temperatures in Houston can quickly rise to deadly levels in your car, even if the windows are cracked.  Even if the temperatures are safe, there is always the risk of your car being stolen.  Plan your trips with your pet to places where he is welcome to come inside with you. 

 Ride Unsecured

Please buckle up your pet or secure him in a secured crate so that he is safe during his car ride.  An unsecured pet can become a projectile if you must apply the brakes suddenly or are in an accident.  Your pet and your passengers will all benefit from a safer car ride.

 Ride with His Head Out Of The Window

 Dogs LOVE to ride with their head outside of the window, but we, as good pet parents must say no to this one!  A pet with his head out of the window can fall out of the vehicle, get injured by a car coming too close or get a bug or rock embedded in his eye.  Roll the window up, you will be glad you did!

 Sit in The Passenger Seat

A passenger seat air bag will deploy at 200 mile per hour.  If your pet is in the passenger seat, his weight will signal the air bag for that seat.  If the bag deploys, due to an accident, the force may injure (or worse) your pet.  Secure your pet in the back seat of your vehicle where he will be safe.

 Ride in the Bed of A Pick Up

 NEVER NEVER NEVER let your pet ride in the bed of a pickup.  The reasons are obvious.  Just don’t do it, EVER!

 Stand on The Console Between the Seats

Dogs in the backseat can reach the console even when secured.  Train him not do put his feet on the console or secure him so he can’t reach the console.  He can be very distracting even if all he wants is a pet. 

 Ride in Your Lap

 Secure your pet and don’t let them ride in your lap.  The safest place for them is secured in the back seat.

 You and your pet will enjoy the car ride if you take a little time to make the ride safe for both of you!